Asset Enterprise Technologies Corporation is a solution-driven technology partner. We assist our partners in implementing advanced technology solutions with a singular emphasis on our partner business needs within time, cost and other resource constraints.

Our distinctive signature is in offering economically viable, service oriented advanced technology solutions. Our formula for success is our proven ability to add value using advanced software technology and customer driven approach.

Our solutions are founded upon component technologies. Software component technologies are akin to hardware integrated circuit boards. In other words, Asset solutions are built upon highly reusable and individually replaceable software subsystems. Our business model lends itself to economies of scale attributable to platform independent technology and reuse.

We specialize in distributed architectures, object oriented components using latest enabling technologies including Java, XML and other web technologies. Asset maximizes return on investment by designing and leveraging reusable software with intuitive and interoperable interfaces.

Asset, an ensemble of super creative and technical talent, is committed to customer satisfaction with our out of the world customer first attitude and service.