Here are a list of clients Asset Corp has worked with in the past. We share pride and enthusiasm in their successes as evidenced in their acknowledgments and assets in the press and other domains. References are available on request.

Rippleshot's technology monitors tens of millions of merchants to pinpoint when and where a data breached occurred. Rippleshot stops losses, protects brand reputation, and safeguards the consumer payment experience. Get immediate results visualized through our cloud-based big data analytics platform.

Awards, recognition & press

We're proud to have to been able to work with one of the most innovative companies in the FinTech space today. Their recognitions are a credit to what they've achieved in a short amount of time.

WeDeliver is a crowd-sourced hyperlocal delivery platform that helps local merchants compete with large online retailers. WeDeliver connects businesses to their customers by providing same-day delivery of goods, real-time tracking and customer feedback. Using a fleet of curated, on-demand drivers powered by algorithmic dispatching, the company ensures the quickest delivery of any product from any business to any customer at any time.

Awards, recognition & press

Asset Corporation lists We Deliver amongst its most esteemed partners. Their success & growth in the exciting space of local retail and delivery makes them one of the promising young companies today.

According to USDA estimates, between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced is discarded. Meanwhile, 1 in 6 Americans have difficulty finding enough to eat. But, it doesn't need to be this way. Zero Percent believes that 0% of the food should be wasted, and wants to help businesses and nonprofits make this dream a reality. Zero Percent is an online food donation marketplace that helps businesses move surplus, edible food to nearby soup kitchens and shelters, reducing both hunger and waste.

Awards, recognition & press

We consider Zero Percent's mission and technology to be one of the best examples of what is enabled by putting social missions, creativity and technology together and are proud to have been associated with them.